In order to meet the standards that YPPL has set for its clients, YPPL has a dedicated fleet for the benzene tankers and also a fleet of special insulated tankers for Sulphur, so the material can travel long distances without any damage.
We provide 16 dedicated trucks for Molten Sulphur with heat coiling.
We provide a large number of body trucks for solid/granulated Sulphur.


For the purpose of Retailing to small volume customers, A Storage Godowns is under completion at Ranoli On the NH8 Baroda, The godown is equipped with underground storage tanks for A/B and C Class Petroleum products and about 1000 Sq ft of Covered shed area.

One Step Ahead

YPPL after catering to the big companies with bulk requirement; is setting up retailing facilities for benzene, MTO and Hexane. Small scale industries with small quantity requirement can easily approach our depots. The facility is to commence shortly from the storage at Baroda.